Netflix’s “Blood Sisters” Thrives on Crime and Thrill

Review: Netflix’s Blood Sisters Thrives on Crime and Thrill

Here is a review of Netflix’s Blood Sisters

On Thursday, May, 5, 2022, Nigeria’s First Netflix Original TV Series- Blood Sisters, premiered on the streaming platform. Blood Sister is the latest Nollywood TV series on Netflix right now and people cannot stop talking about it

Netflix’s Blood Sisters Review

The Plot

This is literally one of the most important thing in a movie and Blood Sisters got it right. A review of the storyline puts the writers of Netflix’s Blood Sister on a respect pedestal.

The co-ordination of the plot of Blood Sisters to deliver an end result to viewers at the end of Netflix Blood Sisters was nothing short of noteworthy.

For the record, Netflix’s Blood Sisters was written by Craig Freimond and Zelipa Zulu.


It sounds like they are not Nigerians but it really doesn’t matter.


The scripting of Netflix’s Blood Sisters formed the plot and it was incredible.

The buildup was maintained till the very last episode of Blood Sisters. This was what was needed to make Netflix’s Blood Sisters an intriguing watch.

Right from the first few scenes, we can see there are loads of secrets hidden between the major characters Kemi (Character played by Nancy Isime), Sarah (Character played by Ini-Dima Okojie) and Kola Ademola (Character played by Deyemi Okanlawon).


The diversion in plot during Sarah and Kemi’s adventure was very much needed.

The storyline of the Good Doctor that was the organ harvester was a twist we didn’t see coming, and the smart commendable thing was that it was not connected to the main plot of Blood Sisters. If it were, it would have ruined the series.

Blood Sisters Netflix review highlights the tension that brewed between these people and we couldn’t wait to unveil it.

Every scene appeared to carry meaning and this was indeed, applauding. However, a further critical review of Blood Sisters reveals a few plot flaws

Plot Flaws in Netflix’s Blood Sister (Review)

The first plot flaw was when Abasiama (Character played by Toke Makinwa) accosted Kola Ademola when he was about to get married and asked if they still didn’t have a chance together.

A few more episodes and we learn that she was abused by Kola and she didn’t want to talk about it because it was indeed a horrendous experience for her.


If it really was, then why was she at the wedding trying to win Kola back?


It would appear logic was suspended at that moment just to seem like both their exes wanted them back (since Kenny was also at the wedding)

The second plot flaw (although this may not entirely be a flaw), was when Timileyin (Character played by Genoveva Umeh) killed Femi Ademola (Character played by Gabriel Afolayan) and Yinka Ademola (Character played by Kehinde Bankole) at the end of the series.

If anything, these two were really interesting characters who would have made viewers extremely excited in case there was a comeback for Blood Sisters


Blood Sisters was action packed.

Big ups to Kate Henshaw for delivering her role till the end and not adding any extras to her delivery but being natural with it.

It established the kind of class the film needed for her role.


Other standout characters are Genoveva Umeh, Kehinde Bankole, and Gabriel Afolayan.

Action Flaws in Netflix’s Blood Sisters (Review)

While Nancy Isime and Ini-Dima Okojie stepped up to be co-leads on the crime thriller, their role interpretation needed more than the energy they put into it.

Don’t get it wrong, these two delivered till the very end, and they even made their scenes intriguing. But it got to a point that you wonder if they didn’t need more action than they were putting in.

Yes, we get that Ini-Dima Okojie had a role that required her to be a fearful person, while Nancy Isime was the friend who always faced the reality of the situation and acted fast.

But both Ini-Dima and Gabriel Afolayan had very similar roles.

In Netflix’s Blood Sisters, Gabriel was a person who was trying his best but just didn’t have enough in him to be a leader.

Even if he didn’t say it, we could see it through everything he did on screen, and this made his character interesting and to an extent, pitiful

Blood Sisters Netflix Review

Overall, Netflix’s Blood Sisters thrives on crime and thrill that spurs the interest of the viewers till the very end. The suspense, action and scripting of the movie holds us up through every episode and we do not get tired of it. It is a commendable effort from Ebony Life Studios.

Storyline of Netflix’s Blood Sisters 

Blood Sisters Netflix TV Series is built around the lives of two very close friends- Sarah (Character played by Ini-Dima Okojie) and Kemi (Character played by Nancy Isime).

These friends are so close that their personal and romantic lives are interwoven as well.


While Sarah is engaged to a man she loves dearly- Kola (Character played by Deyemi Okanlawon), there is a very dark side to their union and Kemi could sense it.

However, Sarah wants to go on with the wedding and damn any of Kemi’s instincts or even her own instincts that there was something negatively extraordinary about her fiancée.

With this ardent desire to go on with the wedding a series of catastrophic events break out that results to anger, geed, murder and betrayal.

Blood Sisters Netflix TV series makes us see through friendships and what people go through in their relationships in relation to real-life scenarios.

Blood Sisters dwells on societal issues and normal life situations like relationships, friendships, love, substance abuse as well as physical abuse.

In Blood Sisters, Sarah and Kemi go through a tumultuous journey that tilts the balance of their normal life and sets them into a roller coater of events that is hard to get out of.

But this is not all, Blood Sisters centers on a dangerous secret that both sisters share which is able to cause so much trouble in their lives that it becomes impossible to accept the fact that they could ever be safe.

This dangerous secret that the Blood Sister share, is life-threatening


Plot of Blood Sisters Netflix TV Series

Kola Ademola (Deyemi Okanlawon) is the CEO of a powerful pharmaceutical firm in Nigeria, and after closing a major transaction, he announces to the assembled crowd that he is headed to his wedding. He’ll marry Sarah Duru (Ini Dima Okojie) in a five-star hotel.


The bride’s parents usually pay for the engagement party (part of a Nigerian wedding weekend), which Sarah’s working-class father Ifeanyi (Keppy Ekpenyong-Bassey) resents, while her mother Olayinka (Kehinde Bankole) is excited about joining such an influential family.

Meanwhile, they both have reservations against this combination. Sarah’s best friend Kemi  (Nancy Isime) believes Sarah still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

Kola’s mother Uduak (Kate Henshaw) and brother Femi (Gabriel Afolayan) aren’t exactly in Sarah’s camp, either. Kola also turns out to be a domineering jerk, ordering Sarah to return to her room and change out of the dress she wore to the rehearsal supper.

Sarah’s ex shows up suddenly at the rehearsal dinner and then Kola confronts her and gives her a slap.

Kemi wants her to put the wedding off, Olayinka doesn’t want Sarah to squander this powerful bond for just “one slap.”

On the day of the engagement party, Sarah decides to notify Kola that the wedding is off. He removes a gun from after fending off a hitman he believes was hired by his brother Femi.

He had no idea that the pistol will be utilized later. But by who? Find out in Blood Sisters Netflix TV Series

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